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Walltopia is the world's leading climbing wall manufacturer with projects on 6 continents and 50+ countries. Founded in 1998 Walltopia is a trend setter in the climbing industry with constant innovation.

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Odessos Yard

Odessos Shiprepair yard is the biggest in Bulgaria and one of the most trusted and well operated yards in the Black Sea and Mediterranean areas. It has over 700 employees and can repair vessels of up to 150 000 DWT.

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Homeadverts is a luxury real estate magazine that writes about the current trends in the market of the most expensive homes in the world, the luxury lifestyle and marketing tips for real estate agents.

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top5hosting is one of the leading web hosting consulting and review provider in the United Kingdom. Their business model is to provide free unbiased consulting based on their 7 years of experience in the field of web design and testing hundreds of hosting plans for their clients projects.

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CCC - Classic Catering Company is one of the leading catering companies in Varna, Bulgaria. They serve at major corporate and government events as well as weddings and private parties.

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