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Homeadverts is a luxury real estate magazine that writes about the current trends in the market of the most expensive homes in the world, the luxury lifestyle and marketing tips for real estate agents.

Homeadverts magazine is well known and recognized by solid brands in the luxury homes industry like Sotheby's real estate and Christie's real estate

The backend is custom built by a UK design agency called Buffalo in Brighton. The frontend of the web site is designed by the Homeadverts owner Tommy and coded by us. It includes mainly CSS and jQuery, but it is a clean, magazine style project that is pleasant to the eye and very natural and easy to use.

Our biggest involvement with the Homeadverts project is with the marketing consulting. We have prepared the whole online marketing strategy including content writing, outreach, social media impact and onsite optimization.

One example of our skill here is that we have identified Tumblr as an amazing social channel to promote the properties and for 3 months we have built a community of over 10000 followers which spread the brand across twitter and weheartit

Visit Homeadverts at homeadverts.com

Project Highlights

Clean magazine style design

Homeadverts design

Google style split view for better UX

Homeadverts design

Blog with 2 columns and infinite scroll

Homeadverts design

Custom designed Tumblr page

Homeadverts design

Results of our SEO strategy

Homeadverts design

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