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Walltopia is the world's leading climbing wall manufacturer with projects on 6 continents and 50+ countries. Founded in 1998 Walltopia is a trend setter in the climbing industry with constant innovation.

We have built the new Walltopia web site from scratch. It is based on Joomla CMS with a custom design and its own responsive CSS system that is custom for each component to ensure the best user experience on the site.

We aimed for a clean and modern design focused on the company products and in line with their brand and vision.

There is an admin function to manage all the projects, custom AJAX search that displays the results from hundred queries instantly and a custom module for the contacts that communicates with the Google API to show the locations of all their offices around the world with an intuitive for the users interface.

We have prepared a special events timeline to show the companies history and evolution in interactive slides that you can see in their OUR STORY section.

Visit Walltopia at walltopia.com

Project Highlights

Custom corporate web design

Walltopia design

AJAX powered search

Walltopia design

Interactive storyboard slides

Walltopia design

Contact us with all the offices

Walltopia design

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